Friday, July 23, 2010


So there are a bunch of people who are astronomers who knit.

I'll call them Astronitters. I guess you could pronounce it "as-TRON-itters" to make it sound sciency and official. I guess I'm one.

Knitting space.

And then there is Cecilia Helena Payne-Gaposchkin, 1900-1979 who, among other things, was described as " inspired seamstress, an inventive knitter, and a voracious reader." That and, "Discovered the chemical composition of stars and, in particular, that hydrogen and helium are the most abundant elements in star and, therefore, in the universe."

Not bad.


What to do?

I'm almost quiet enough to think about knitting. Summer so far has been full of bustle, and there are still events ahead, but I think I can pull off a week of low activity so that I'll have time to play with wool and alpaca and cotton and cat fur...

So... spin, knit or pet...
Hmm- I need to get my needles into this will probably end up enormous because 1. I seem to have an enormous gauge and 2. it's a cotton blend and cotton always ends up enormous. But if it is giant, I can put all my other UFOs in it. (See below)

So maybe I'll work on this "belt" I started because, and I'm not kidding, I thought I needed a very pink belt made of suede and novelty yarn. I can't recall which outfit I thought I needed it to "tie together." I'm doubtful if I can pull off the outfit, but I could probably pull off finishing it in an afternoon. The why's can come later...

And then there's the hot, sticky and very hairy red mohair scarf- started last summer about this time, completely frogged since and reworked into a narrower version. Still pretty fat, but no longer bath-towel dimensions.

Or maybe...I decided a month or so ago that I needed to enter the world of socks. So I got me some sticks and some pretty thin string and went to work. I had a blast until I realized that sooner or later I'd have to start bending the thing around the actual body part. So...that still needs to be tackled...

I don't even know where to go with this. All I know is that I stuffed 8 skeins of this in a brown paper lunch bag and gave the nice lady $10. I'm a sucker for bag sales...

And then I cannot fail to mention the whole ocean of spinning and home spun in whose tidal pools I am wriggling my toes.

And that takes me back to the age-old dilemma: knit, spin, or pet.