Friday, December 28, 2012

Prayer Shawl

Finished in time for Christmas. It still counts if I finished it Christmas Day, doesn't it?

I started it at Thanksgiving, when my Grandma Terwilliger died.

That was sad.

Three generations, one groovy hat. 

So I started Mom's shawl. It's the Collonnade pattern I found on Knitty, and I've knit it five times.  Three shawls for me, one for Norma's Birthday, and one for mom.

Happy Birthday, friend! 
This thing needs to be mentioned. We had a lovely meal, but we needed dessert. It came in liquid form. I drank it. It was good. Very good.

Fast forward a month to Christmas, 2012.

I started knitting on my trip back to Rochester Thanksgiving morning, and finished it Christmas morning. I did not knit while driving. Yes, I thought about it.

Matching Collonnades.
I also cut 10 inches off my hair. Actually, someone else did after I gave the OK. It felt great. Really great.

SO the first Collonnade I knit was a thicker wool and I must have knit it on smaller needles.

Then came my fave- the red one.

Cherry Red

Lake Huron Blue
 Then the third- two odd colors for me, but I like them together- very Autumn.

Gold and brownish purple.
I have yarn for at least one more.

Can I do it? Six? I love the pattern, and it's a useful garment.

Next project is a chair cushion, though. Stay tuned.

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